Bath Towels vs Bath Sheets: Which one should you choose?

When it comes to bathroom essentials, two terms frequently come up: bath towels and bath sheets. While both serve the purpose of drying, they have various differences that could make or break your decision.

Let’s break down the differences, pros, and cons of bath towels and bath sheets in terms of size, absorption, storage, and price.


When it comes to size, bath sheets are typically larger than bath towels. The exact size of bath towels may slightly vary, but bath towels measure around 70 x 150 cm, while bath sheets are around 10 cm larger than usual bath towels.

Bath sheets could be useful if you find yourself drying with two towels after a shower. But if you’re only using one, and if you’re used to towel-drying your hair, a bath towel should be enough for your daily use.

Outback Linen Co.’s bath towel sizes typically range from 60 x 120 cm for kids to 70 x 150 cm for adults.

Orange Rust Bath Towel (70 x 150 cm), $54.95


One major difference between bath towels and bath sheets is their ability to wrap around your body. Bath towels offer sufficient coverage for drying. But with a bath sheet’s generous coverage, you won’t have to spend too much time maneuvering the cotton towel around your body. 

However, bath sheets will take more time to dry off due to its larger size, compared to bath towels that are quick-drying due to its compact size.

Cloud Cream Organic Cotton Bath Towel, $54.95


In this category, bigger may not always mean better. With a larger size, bath sheets may not be ideal for travel or gym use. You may have to make more space in your cupboard to store bath sheets, as well as ensure your drying rail is up high enough to avoid the bath sheets from touching the ground. 

On the other hand, bath towels are perfect, for everyday use and on-the-go packing due to its size and quick-drying features. Unlike bath sheets, cotton bath towels would easily fit in washers or dryers. And if your family mostly uses bath towels, you’ll get to have space for multiple towels in the bathroom.

Emerald Green Bath Towel, $54.95

Spinifex Green Organic Bath Towel, $54.95


Last but not the least is the price. Typically, bath sheets will have more luxurious material due to its size, and may provide a more comfortable feel, which is why bath sheets are commonly used for hotels and guestrooms. However, this also means that they may be more expensive to not only purchase but  also maintain, compared to bath towels that are designed for daily use.

However, this doesn’t mean that bath towels are meant to be cheap and low-quality. At Outback Linen Co. our luxurious, organic cotton bath towels are available at a reasonable price, so you can still feel the luxury of bath sheets at the compact size of a bath towel.

Light Pink Organic Cotton Bath Towel $54.95

Now that we’ve covered them all, let’s do a little recap of their pros and cons:

Bath Towels

Bath Sheets





More compact and easier to store.

Limited coverage compared to bath sheets.

Good for indulgent pampering and relaxation.

A larger size means more storage space.

Ideal for everyday use and traveling.

May not provide enough coverage if you’re a larger or taller person

Ideal for larger individuals or those who prefer more fabric to wrap around.

Longer drying time due to their increased fabric volume.

Quick-drying due to their smaller size.

Moderate area for absorption means more time to wrap around the body

Large area for absorption, reduced effort in maneuvering it around your body

Not as portable for travel or gym use.

Versatile for various purposes, such as gym workouts or hair drying.

Ideal for lounging or relaxation

More expensive than bath towels

Moderate coverage for drying off.

More affordable than bath sheets

At Outback Linen Co., we offer a range of luxury bath towels crafted from the finest organic cotton. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that each towel is not only luxuriously soft and absorbent but also environmentally conscious. Whether you are looking for luxurious bath towels for every use, or to bath towels to add flair to your bathroom collection, Immerse yourself in the plushness of our organic cotton bath towels and experience the epitome of comfort and style with our range.