Why is organic cotton better for babies?

Natural and organic products are widely available these day, and with the push for more sustainable and eco-friendly products, parents are increasingly making organic cotton their first choice.

Why is natural and organic cotton better for your baby?

Let's recap what organic cotton actually is.

Organic cotton is produced from cotton that's grown without the use of synthetic chemicals using seeds that are not genetically modified.

Organic cotton always keeps its natural state, which means it's mould resistant and antimicrobial.

What are the benefits of organic cotton?

There is less likelihood that your child may acquire skin diseases including eczema, dermatitis, and skin allergies because to its soft texture and lack of chemicals.

It provides a premium feel that is more breathable than conventional cotton and is kind to babies' skin.

Here are 6 benefits of organic cotton:

1. Organic cotton does not contain chemicals

Organic cotton is produced utilising natural chemicals rather than harmful pesticides and fertilisers.

A newborn's skin is especially thin and porous, allowing it to absorb all the potentially dangerous elements in its environment.

As the body's biggest organ, the skin plays a significant role in the absorption of chemicals. Your child will only be absorbing organic goodness if they are dressed in organic cotton clothing.

2. Organic cotton is non-allergenic

A newborn baby's skin can be up to five times thinner than that of an adult, making them more prone to breakouts. The fabric is non-allergenic since natural chemicals were used in farming and the growing process.

This has the advantage of lowering the possibility of rash and eczema flare-ups. The cloth doesn't discharge tiny particles into the air, which makes it ideal for people with asthmatic children.

3. Better absorbency

It keeps the skin cool by absorbing moisture and perspiration because it is an absorbent substance. It's ideal for maintaining more consistent body temperature.

4. Organic cotton is softer

Organic cotton is well known for being incredibly soft and comfortable since it contains no chemicals that would weaken the fibres. And, organic cotton clothing is stronger and keeps its shape longer.

hooded organic cotton towels

5. Quick to dry and easy to wash

We all know how much laundry a newborn generates, and it doesn't stop until they move out. Organic cotton is a strong fibre that is very simple to clean.

You may be certain that those clothes that have been stained by food, mud, and who knows what else are sterile because it can withstand hot water washing without deforming or discolouring. Another great advantage is that it dries quickly.

6. Organic cotton is kind to the environment

A sustainable supply chain is supported by certified organic cotton, which has a significantly reduced carbon footprint and requires less energy, water, and fuel to produce. 100% organic cotton degrades totally.

You can worry less, feel more at ease knowing your kid is comfortable, and worry less about skin concerns and irritations with decreased exposure to allergens and other dermatological problems.

I can assure you that having one less worry about a baby is a blessing!

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