The Women Behind Outback Linen Co. - Meet Clare

Meet Clare, founder of  Windmill House Creative

A bit about your business (what you do, who you work with): 

Windmill House Creative is a copywriting agency for forward-thinking and female-led brands that are looking for high converting, authentic copy that generates leads and creates results.

We believe that powerful and aligned copywriting is the gateway to attracting your dream audience, and it is our mission to make you feel heard, seen and understood, by both creating and teaching you to write content that is easy to find and hard to forget, and sells your expertise with ease. 

How has being part of OUTBACK Linen helped your business: 

Working with OLC has been a privilege and an honour in the sense that we are bringing even more diversity and thought leaders to the outback.

As a rural business owner myself, I find Sarah an absolute visionary in the remote entrepreneurial community - she advocates that women are not isolated to opportunities for their location, and can create profitable, thriving and purposeful businesses that can create change across the world.
It has been a joy to work alongside Sarah and help bring her vision to life. 

What does it mean to be part of our community: 

Outback Linen Co is a company that advocates for change, sustainability and boosting the economy of rural communities across Australia.

By supporting OLC and helping it grow, you help put food on the table in remote areas, give women in isolated areas employment, stimulate rural economies, and create a little luxury in the bush.

OLC is a thought-leader in much more than the textile industry - Sarah is a powerful leader and advocate for women in business, and it has been my privilege to be a part of that.