Ethically handcrafted linen clothing & homewares, from the Australian bush to the world.

Meet Outback Linen Co.

The Outback Linen Co. mission

Born as an alternative to fast fashion, Outback Linen Co celebrates a sustainable, economical model that loves our earth, and boldly supports our regional and remote Australian communities through employment and retail opportunities.

Built on the values of durability, quality, sustainability and luxury, Outback Linen Co’s mission is to create a brand that honours the world’s finest linen while leaving a positive, sustainable footprint behind.

Outback Linen Co. ethically produced linen clothing and homewares

Designed in rural Australia

With a nod to the unique and stunning colour palette of rural Australia, Outback Linen Co is deeply passionate about bringing luxurious, high quality and low impact textiles back to the bush.

Sustainably produced, luxury linen

Above all things, Outback Linen Co promotes a full-circle, sustainable and slow approach to textile use. Utilising only organic linen and ethical trade practices, Outback Linen Co honours eco-friendly consumption in all forms.

Supporting local artisans & businesses

Outback Linen Co celebrates the many hands that make up the brilliant, multi-faceted tapestry that is the Australian bush small business scene. By supporting Outback Linen Co, you are providing support for small businesses Australia-wide.

Our Story

Combining her skills as a financier and passion for rural sustainability, owner and director of Outback Linen Co, Sarah Henney, wanted to create an opportunity for remote retailers to provide luxury in the bush, stimulating regional economies with products typically found in metropolitan areas. 

“Being a rural mother facing daily exhaustion, one day I decided to treat myself to $1,000 worth of linen sheets. It made me think - what if we could buy these from our local boutique? But not any sheets, or towels for that matter - the fluffiest, softest, finest cotton products in the world?” Sarah began. 

From here, Outback Linen Co was born, as was the burning desire to help stimulate the rural retail sector in the most luxurious way possible. 

Outback Linen Co’s unique patterns and fits are built to withstand the hardy, busy lifestyles that apply to Australian consumers, representing a functional and stylish approach to sustainable fashion and homewares.

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